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Strategies for Critically Evaluating Essay Sources

It is essential to add sources in your essays and research papers because they add credibility to your work. Searching relevant sources is quite a time-consuming and challenging task. Therefore, many students do not like doing it. Instead, they turn to online writing companies to get answers for their “write essay for me” request.

Nevertheless, you can also check the credibility of the sources if you are working yourself. The following ways can help you with this.

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1. Inquire about the Author

The first important step is to inquire who the essay writer of the added source is? Is he a professional writer or scholar? Does he have affiliation with any specific organization? Are the contact details authentic? If all this information is available, then it is a credible source.


2. Inquire about the Content

This section includes questions about the information given in the source. For example, are the arguments well-structured and supporting each other? Is there any error? What is the contribution of this source in the subject field?


3. Inquire about the Publication Date

When is a particular source written and published? Is it a current or out of date for your topic? Try to add the latest research to your work. Any research that is more than ten years older should not be added.


4. Why was the source written?

A good source clearly depicts its purpose. Therefore, it becomes easier for a reader to identify what is the main agenda behind writing a source.


5. Inquire about a Publisher

The next important step is to inquire about the publisher that whether it is a scholarly journal or not. It helps to create a distinction between a good and an average source.

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