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How long it takes to get an ESA letter?

If you have a condition that involves psychological pain or signs of illness, you may be able to visit a doctor to sign an ESA document. It is a simple process to sign up for an ESA evaluation. Therefore, an individual has to choose one or two alternatives. The first one, including a personal doctor, is very time-consuming.

If you do not have access to any mental counselor that can recommend an ESA, you will have to fill out a detailed questionnaire where the answers will be reviewed by the mental specialists. You will receive an official ESA letter if you qualify.


Moreover, you can also get ESA letters online but it is highly important to check the credibility of these letters by looking at an emotional support animal letter sample online. This is basically done to avoid online scams.

Lastly, the process of getting this letter is not as complicated as it seems to be. It takes less than 48 hours to get a 100% valid emotional support animal letter that will allow you to travel or live anywhere with your support animal partner.

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Who can apply for an Emotional Support Animal?

An ESA is a companion that gives some sort of benefit to a person who is experiencing a mental and emotional disability. The pet is intended to provide company and encouragement that will help to alleviate at least one aspect of the disability. Dogs are the most commonly used animals for emotional support, but cats are also quite popular. Many other types of animals may also function as ESAs, such as miniature horses.


A psychiatrist, therapist, nurse or any licensed or qualified mental health provider must certify you as being mentally challenged. The certificate should be a written and formal ESA document that is adequately formatted.

Some doctors may also provide you with an ESA Letter for Housing that allows you to live with an animal of emotional support even in restrained housing for pets. Other laws also enable you to fly on commercial airlines with your ESA without paying any extra charges. Similarly, individuals can also take their ESAs at workplaces and educational institutions. 

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