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Common Causes of Joint Pain

Let us have a glance at the most causes which result in Joint pain:

Inflammation of the lining of the joint

In case of a relapse of an already sustained injury to the joint, there exists a chance of the thin membrane lining the joints and therefore the tendons obtaining inflamed. This condition, called traumatic inflammation, usually doesn’t cause redness but can be a reason for your joint pain.



Hemarthrosis is a condition that’s marked by haemorrhage within the spaces between the joints. Whereas breaking of the blood vessels round the affected joint eventually causes the haemorrhage, the haemorrhage within the joints typically results in inflammation and joint pains.



Gout initially affects the joint of the massive toe before spreading to the opposite joints. The skin on prime of the affected joint becomes red and tender to the touch, with persistent pain being the constant harrow. Pseudo-gout is also the same problem, except the very fact it usually affects the knee joint initially.


Damaged knee-cap

Another good reason for that niggle within the joint, Chondromalacia patellae may be a condition during which the cartilages at the rear of the kneecap soften and deteriorate with time. Though this can be a typical condition among athletics, it also can manifest within the older, affected by inflammatory disease.



Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like venereal disease or chlamydia also can cause delicate to moderate pain within the joints. Venereal disease is caused by microorganism that are spread throughout (mostly unprotected) sexual activity. These microorganism will have an effect on one or more of the body’s joints, creating them red, swollen and painful. Chlamydia may be a common infection that causes reactive inflammatory disease (caused by inflammation).


Accidental Injury

You can experience a fulminant pain within the joint if you hurt yourself accidentally, for instance, a broken radiocarpal joint, arm, ankle, leg or a hip fracture.


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