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5 Warning Signs of Scam Essay Writing Services

As a student, you may have heard about the bad reputation of online writing services. Unfortunately, there is a pool of online companies that for a student making it difficult to find a legitimate and reliable write my essay service. You can consider the following points to detect if the writing service is fraudulent or not.

  • Various websites are working under different web addresses. Pay close attention to the website content, prices and services being offered. You will definitely find an unavoidable connection between some websites. So, make sure to look into the details to detect such scams.
  • The biggest trick that these writing services use is creating fake essay reviews to rank their websites as the best one. Although, there are a number of genuine sites as well that do not bother to take advice from these review sites. All you need is to check the company by yourself.
  • Fraud websites often collaborate with criminals and aim to get fake followers on their social media platforms. The good thing is, this is very easy to spot. If you find a company with thousands of followers then it is most likely run by hackers.
  • Do not trust a company that provides a free plagiarism checker. There are many online scam services that offer this option for free but the majority of these services are not trustworthy. As these companies can use your content or even sell it at some point without your knowledge.
  • Prices may vary from website to website and this is not strange as there are a large number of writing services available online. However, extremely low prices always indicate bad content because it is quite obvious that who will write a pitch-perfect paper for you with that unrealistic price. When looking for a legitimate and reliable writing service, always try to find a reasonable price.

Follow these tips and choose a reliable essay writing service. These are the most common tricks fraud essay writing services use to scam people. So, don’t forget to take into account whenever you are putting your trust in an online essay writing service to handle your writing assignments.

Here is an infographic guide to choose a legitimate essay writing service.

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